Granny Flats, Temporary, Transportable & Relocatable Homes


Now you can buy direct from the Factory!

Due to a restructuring of its operations, Nova Deko has now closed its Brisbane office and the website. Our modular homes and granny flats can now be purchased direct from its factory located in China. For more information or for enquiries about our container homes, please visit  

Nova Deko manufactures not only prefabricated homes but also a variety of household furnishings and fixtures, including bathroom vanities, baths and kitchens. It is a major exporter of these items internationally supplying markets in USA, Canada and various European countries. For information about Nova Deko bathroom furniture, kitchens, etc, visit

Nova Deko has an experienced team dedicated to the production and fitout of its high quality modular/container homes. As with any factory-based activity, the real economies of scale occur with volume production. For that reason ‘one-off’ designs would not be viable. If you require multiple units however, please discuss with the factory representative.

Customers in Australia who have previously purchased modular homes, will continue to be supported as necessary from Nova Deko’s Brisbane office, however no new sales will be facilitated via that office.