Single Pod Homes

These are standalone homes where everything is contained in a single pod. Sizes range from 6m x 2.4m to 12m x 3.4m Ideal for secondary dwellings in the rear yard or where the home may need to be relocated.

Multi-pod Homes

Comprises two or more modules or pods joined together to form a larger home where more space is needed. Ideal for either primary of secondary dwellings.

Apartment Blocks

Subject to local authority requirements and structural design, the modules can be stacked to create multi-level apartment buildings. Ideal for student accommodation.

Nova Deko is an established international manufacturer of high quality prefabricated modular homes and a wide variety of home fixtures and furnishings, exporting to all parts of the globe.  


Nova Deko manufactures all major components of the modular homes, from the steel frames through to the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, so has complete control over the full production processes. This way we can ensure the quality of materials, workmanship and finishes in all our homes are first class.


The production of container homes by Nova Deko draws upon its many years of experience in the manufacture of bathroom furniture and kitchens, combined with that of its affiliated and long established Australian-based builder/developer, Kerdic Homes.
Through successful installations of homes ranging from single pods up to multi-level residential apartment buildings, Nova Deko has become a pioneer in pre-fabricated housing, with a focus on functional design, quality and sustainability.


Nova Deko has a globally-recognised reputation for its product quality and value-for-money. As manufacturers and distributors of the complete home including almost all contents, Nova Deko container home prices are extremely competitive. Our customers can be confident of buying quality products at the lowest possible prices. Western Finishes at China Prices.



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